NYSTRS has developed this form to enable and assist individuals in drafting a DRO that is consistent with our governing statutes and Rules and Regulations, and which may accordingly be administered by NYSTRS. This form is intended as a standard template applicable to most situations, but not all. More complicated cases should be discussed with NYSTRS’ Legal Department.

A DRO with/for NYSTRS is necessary only if the Participant and Alternate Payee wish to divide the Participant's retirement allowance from NYSTRS. A new DRO would also be necessary should the Participant and Alternate Payee wish to change a certified DRO already on file with NYSTRS.

Please note these important instructions for drafting a DRO:
  • You must complete all required fields.
  • For security purposes, you must manually write in the parties’ Social Security numbers after you have printed the DRO.
  • Please review your entries for accuracy and proper spelling before you click “Generate Printable DRO.” Once the printable DRO is generated, you will not be able to edit the information you entered.
  • Upon clicking “Generate Printable DRO,” the DRO will be generated as a PDF (Portable Document Format). You will be able to print, as well as save the DRO (PDF) to your computer. (If you are unable to view or print PDFs, you may need to download a free copy of Adobe Reader.)
  • The DRO PDF will also include a selection sheet, summarizing the information you entered to create the document. You may wish to retain the selection sheet for your records.
  • Please submit a draft of the DRO to NYSTRS for review prior to its submission to the Court.
Submit the completed DRO to NYSTRS' Legal Department via mail, email or fax:
Attn: Legal Dept.
10 Corporate Woods Drive
Albany, NY 12211

Fax: (518) 447-2679
Email: legal@nystrs.org